Do More Better | Roles, Responsibilities & Mission Statements

Do More Better is a practical  guide to productivity. The author, Tim Challies, moves you through a set of exercises to help you learn to do more better.  On his website he supplies a productivity worksheet to aid in the task of defining your roles and then your responsibilities within those roles and lastly creating brief mission statements for each of those roles. This post is the outworking of that worksheet in my life. It has been awhile since I have defined these roles and mission statements. I found the exercise very beneficial and know I will return to it as I move throughout my life.


Roles, Responsibilities & Mission Statements 


…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13



Spiritual: Bible, Devotions, Church, Worship, Prayer

Cultivate: Reading widely, Writing to process my thoughts, Listening to podcasts

Creating: Creating beauty through photography, organizing to claim the chaos, arts & crafts

Relationships: Invest and maintain the friendships God has given me

Physical: Rest, exercise, & outdoor time in God’s creation

To pursue God by cultivating my mind, heart and soul. Tending to my soul through participating in the means of grace. Nurturing my mind and heart by reading, writing and listening. Cultivating truth, goodness and beauty around me through creating. Loving my neighbor and resting in the finished work of Jesus.



Relationship with my husband, children and extended family.

To bring glory to God by loving my family as I do myself. By investing time in them and with them and cultivating a relationship  built on the kingdom of God.


Home Management

All things pertaining to the running of the home. Paying bills, cooking meals, keeping order

To provide a sanctuary for my family and friends by keeping the daily operations running smoothly so that others can rest and rejoice in Jesus.


Home Education

All things pertaining to my children’s education. Casting a vision yearly, planning and ordering curriculum, planning weekly/daily lesson plans, execution of the lesson plans

To point my children to Jesus through the means and method of home education.


Church Member

Be a Titus 2 woman, who opens her home so relationships can be nurtured. Teaching children on Wednesday nights.

To love God by loving and serving my neighbor through teaching, relationships and hospitality.


Classical Conversations

Record keeping, outreach, training, bookwork/computer work, training, discipleship & encouragement of tutors and families, practicum.

To serve homeschool families in SWMO by walking along side of, encouraging , equipping and administrating our local Classical Conversations community so that we can pursue the mission of knowing God and making Him known.


Links to Linger Over #3


We have been pretty busy the past two weeks living life, however there are a few great things I came across I want to share…..

  • Where Mothers find Their Worship – SO SO SO good! My favorite part, “But, I never felt Him more clearly and more tenderly than I have felt Him in my years as a mama. He took my neat, clean life and He chuckled as He dropped babies into it. His fingerprints are all over this mess. And, I know Him better and love Him more in this glorious jumble than I ever have before.”
  • Read Aloud Revival – If you haven’t you should check out the podcast, the membership site, and the brand NEW forum! I should just do a whole post one of these days on why I love the Read Aloud Revival message and community!!
  • All-Day Apple Butter Recipe – This is currently in my crock pot! I haven’t tried it yet but my house smells edible so I think that is a good indicator to the yumminess that is cooking!
  • The Only Thing I Know About Parenting – I so needed this reminder this week! “God has to do this for me. Not with me. For me. Thinking that God is merely by my side on my parenting journey leads me to believe the lie that I must be more than I was created to be. Instead, I can confidently embrace the fullness of who He is as sovereign Lord of my children. God, be for my sons all that I cannot. Protect them, lead them, teach them. They are yours. I trust you.”
  • 31 Days of Book Detectives – I cannot wait to learn more as Heidi @ Mt. Hope Chronicles posts daily about parent/child book clubs!

What else did you stumble across this week that blessed you?

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When a person finds a good thing they shouldn’t keep it to themselves…

What else did you stumble across this week that blessed you?

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When a person finds a good thing they shouldn’t keep it to themselves…

What links have you came across this week that are noteworthy?


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