What I am reading…

I love to read but life often keeps me from cracking a book and actually seeing the final page. I am notorious for starting books but not finishing them. Within arms reach are 5 books I am “currently” working on… or not!  One of my desires is to spend more time reading. I am attempting to read many of the books I never read in school and also those books that come highly recommended from fellow book lovers.

With that being said the two books I am currently committing to read cover to cover are Home by Marilynne Robinson and For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaffer Macaulay.

One of my book loving friends suggested Gilead by Marilynne Robinson years ago and I read it and honestly did not love it…. or like it very much at all. However I did finish it which says something. Honestly, I think I lacked maturity to truly grasp the beauty of Gilead. After spending time with the same bibliophile she suggested trying Home. Same story, different perspective.

Friends have described Susan Schaffer Macaulay’s book For The Children’s Sake as transformative and inspiring. I have heard of people reading this book every summer as a balm for their soul. I am looking forward to a thought provoking book on education as I am praying and preparing for the upcoming school year.

Ever read either of these books? What are you reading?