About Me

I am a very simple gal who loves the Lord, her family and her friends. I am a self confessed geek who is mildly eclectic in interests. One day I may be geeking out about education methods and the next you may find me googling youtube videos about baby wearing. A few of my favorite things are road trips *bonus when the Mr. is driving and we are chatting*, hearing my children laughing, good children’s books, good music, hole in the wall restaurants, the great outdoors, learning about education, writing utensils, my Chaco’s, the great outdoors and taking pretty pictures.  I am blessed to be married to the Mr. and have four little people (Miss K, Mr. J, Miss E, Mr. E. ) who call me mommy.

This blog is about my journey to love better, grow deeper and live richer.

love better

I yearn to love God with all my heart, soul and mind.

I desire to love my my family and friends as I love myself.

grow deeper

I long to know God better by growing in wisdom and knowledge.

live richer

I aspire to live life intentionally and fill it with good, true and beautiful things.

I am purposing to journey toward more… not more stuff or busyness but a life lived knowing there is more to live for than this world.


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