Joy: a reflection

In dusting off the blog I found a post I had started but never finished back in 2015 because it still resonates so deeply with what God is doing in my soul it is worthy of fleshing out..

There has been a sweetness that has enriched my life lately. I cannot quiet put my finger on what exactly it is. I find myself stopping and considering my heart and realizing it is overflowing with good things. That sweetness has been felt in the dimpled grin of my one year old as she toddles around doing her toddler thing. I have experienced it in the beauty and wonder of a red moon. Depth was added to my life when my husband and our friends built a small fire pit and we christened it with hot dogs and smores. Truth resounded in my heart as I read article after article about the faithfulness of God. My children’s laughter had brought abounding joy to my soul…..

While I don’t remember the original direction of my post I do know that these good gifts still abound in my life. That toddler is three and the dimpled grin still melts me, the newest 1 year old remind me to slow down and the laughter and zest of the big two remind me time is fleeting. That sweetness that has enriched my life is joy, that beauty and wonder comes from the Giver of good gifts. The fact that God has been teaching me the same things for three years is a tangible sign of His faithfulness even when I am faithless. Joy,a good gift from a good Father.  One worthy to slow down for. One worthy to savor. One worth to seek. Joy.



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