Dusting off the blog… and a confession.

It is always a little humbling to come back to something you have neglected far to long. It is like finally cleaning out the junk drawer or deep cleaning the fridge. How did so much time past when you kept “meaning” to get to it. Today the junk drawer still exists and I am not even going to consider the refrigerator but I am going to write.

The truth is there is some fear in putting yourself out there. I feel like blogging these days has to be about 3 steps to having a better day, some amazing food recipe or some wonderful “how to” get the proverbial it done. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for those posts because I read them often… they just aren’t me.

Truthfully, I feel under qualified to speak to anything authoritatively but I love to share life and I love to share stories. Something I have learned about myself recently is I am hesitant to try new things unless I have it all figured out. Which is why blogging has been slow going for me. I felt like I needed to know the “how” of blogging to make sure I was doing it right. I needed to know my target audience, I needed the right social media platforms. I got lost in the whole reason I wanted to write.

I wanted to write to process, to think, to share, to reflect and to remember. I want to write about my husband, my kids and my God. I want to share the story God is writing in my life as I journey towards more.


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