Keeping On, Catching Up


It is hard to believe that in 11 days the calendar will change and 2016 will be upon us. In the two months since I last posted I have done a lot of journeying in this life. I have explored, I have read, I have taught, I have played, I have rested, I have worked and I have grown. I am learning what it looks like to slow down and savor the days, to be present and live in the moment. I have spent more time enjoying God’s creation, escaping into a story and experiencing life with my people.


What I have realized is that in the mundane I am making small deposits into the lives of my children and that, by the grace of God, will pay big dividends in the future. Our days are not always easy and rarely smooth but one thing is certain, these days are a gift. These precious children are a gift and my time with them is priceless.


As I look toward 2016 and the God who is ordering my steps I feel thankful and confident. Thankful that God has shown great grace in His son Jesus Christ and confident that He is working in my life for His will and His pleasure. God has placed a desire in my heart for something more and I am eagerly anticipating how He will fashion and shape my 2016.