Homeschool Week 4 & 5 Wrap Up

Whoa!! Where did the past two weeks go? It is really hard to believe that we are about to start week 6 tomorrow! Weeks 4 & 5 have been really great with a few super fun things mixed in!

Sweet Miss E has decided that walking is the only way to go! She daily dazzles us with her sweet smile and fun-loving disposition. It has been a few weeks since I took her out for a few updated pictures.


// have been plugging away at week 2 and 3 of Classical Conversations. Mr. J is loving CC and is really enjoying school at home. I am really surprised at how engaged and eager he is to learn.

Doing a little map tracing: geo//

Working in our science notebooks:science

// into our history and learning about early forms of writing: cuniform//

We finished up reading the Greek Myths and Mr. J loved it! We have also spent some time playing No Stress Chess and cuddled up reading books.


Last weekend Miss K and I attended the Glow Conference held at a local church here in SWMO. Here is a little about the conference from the Facebook page,

featuring special guests, including nationally-known artists, musicians, and writers, Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, S.D. Smith, and Randall Goodgame, ‘Glow’ is a special, one-day event for Middle Grade students (8 to 13-year olds) and their parents. It will include hands-on workshops where kids can pursue a wide range of interests from art to dance, athletics, fishing, music, and more. As students begin to discover who they are and where they excel, we want to show them what their gifts, passions, and abilities might look like submitted to Christ.   Why Middle Grade students?   8 to 13-year olds begin to wrestle with questions of identity, purpose, and place. They wonder, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where do I belong?” At Glow, we want to come alongside them, to embody the answer to these questions, speaking and acting in such a way that kids know they are loved and valued, the work of their hands has significance, and they are not alone.  

We had a great time!  My husband and I have been listening to Andrew Peterson’s music for over a decade and I just finished his books a few months ago. We like to say his music is the sound track to our life. Our family owns (and can sing!!) every Slug’s Bug’s and Lullabies Album and anxiously await the next release. SD Smith is no stranger to me as I have listened to many podcasts he has done and I have spent a little time clicking around on The Story Warren Website. Jason Gray, who is the most mainstream, is probably the person I am the least familiar with out of the guests at the conference. What I loved about the conference was the ability for my daughter to see these “famous” men to stand before her and give God all the glory. Sitting next to my daughter listening to these men speak brought tears to my eyes, they spoke with such humility that even my 8 year old picked up on how “different” they were. At lunch I asked her what she thought of meeting “famous” people. Her reply marked me, “I was really surprised, they were different than I expected…. but different in a good way!” We took away a lot of great things from the conference but I was left in awe of the grace of God and reminded that HE opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.


This weekend  Miss K had her first volleyball game. She has been working hard for weeks with multiple practices and all her hard work paid off. With sports our expectations for our children are to pay attention, hustle, have fun, and play for the glory of God. She had a great time and I think we could safely make her middle name hustle! 🙂   


I have been attempting to read The Green Ember to my children since I downloaded the Kindle version months ago. We made it about 100 pages in and my kids lost interest. Recently I purchased the Audible version for a road trip… we made it to about the same spot we stopped reading previously. I figure third time is a charm (I am DYING to know how the story ends) and I picked up the physical copy of The Green Ember and the prequel The Black Star of Kingston while we are at the Glow Conference. Something about holding a paper copy in my hands has revolutionized The Green Ember for my kids. It doesn’t hurt that daddy is really enjoying listening along at night time too.


Moral of the story: “Third times a charm!” 🙂//


5 thoughts on “Homeschool Week 4 & 5 Wrap Up

    1. I am incredibly humbled you found my little corner of the web and took time out to comment! We enjoyed the conference and my daughter is already looking forward to next time! (I am praying there is a next time!) We are enjoying The Green Ember and we look forward to reading it together. I think there is something about a paper book, beyond the smell, that is awesome. 🙂 I actually knew you were a CC family. I first came across the book on a FB group and it was shared as “Hey this awesome CC dad is writing a book about rabbits check it out!” So glad I did, the rest is history! Thanks so much for saying hello!


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