Homeschool Week 3 Wrap Up

We have had a great week. I really feel like we are slowly but surely getting into a groove. This was our first official week of Classical Conversations. Both kids had a fantastic day and have worked hard at home on their memory work!

Back to CC//

Early in the week Miss K finished up her sewing project for a lady in our church with a new baby. I know she is really excited to give this to her on Sunday.


The Geography memory work this week has been about the Fertile Crescent. We pulled out the Usborne Book of Ancient History and read about the area and customs. This led to a discussion about using ancient tools to “grind wheat” which led to a feeble attempt to give it a try at home. πŸ™‚//

Fertile Crescent//

We also dug into the classification of living things and the Oils art lesson at home this week.

Science Time//

One desire I have for my children is to do more nature study and spend time observing life outside of our four walls. We went on a walk around town today and enjoyed being in creation.

Friday Nature Walk//

One of my favorite times of the day has become our read aloud time. We have had some cool mornings this week and we found ourselves reading on the deck while playing with Legos. We recently finished reading a missionary biography of Mary Slessor. My daughter felt greatly encouraged hearing the story of a fiery headed lady from Scotland taking the message of Jesus Christ into the West African region of Calabar. Learning about the deep need in West Africa has reminded us to pray for friends serving as Bible translators in the area. I have finally found a book that Mr. J is loving, Little Pear. The main character is a 5 year old boy who is a little bit ornery, go figure why my guy is enjoying it! πŸ™‚

Week 3 Highlights// am thankful for the opportunity to link up with Collage Friday and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers link up because it slows me down long enough to reflect up our week and to see God’s grace then the little moments. Interested in linking up, check it out atΒ Homegrown Learners – Collage Friday 1.2 // Weekly Wrap – Up.


10 thoughts on “Homeschool Week 3 Wrap Up

  1. I am thankful that you have linked to Collage Friday — what a beautiful week you had! Don’t you love that you can expand on the memory work as time (and your children’s inclinations) allow? Beautiful. πŸ™‚


    1. Kara

      I do love that about CC! πŸ™‚ I loved your post about diligence paying off in the long run. I am trying to form good habits to set my kiddos up for challenge!


  2. We are a CC family too! Our Foundations community doesn’t start until Tuesday though. We love the Mary Slessor book – one of our absolute favorites, although it’s been so long since we’ve read it, I think it’s time to bring it out again for my youngest to hear it again. Blessings on your week!


    1. Kara

      Hi Betsy! Thanks for saying hi! There were a few times that I was reading Mary Slessor and got a bit choked up! So thankful for people who have gone before us and committed their lives to the cause of Christ. I hope you have a great week!


    1. I had started Gladys Alyward before but didn’t get very far but I think that was more me rather than the actual book. Looking forward to reading a few more this year. Do you have any favorites?


      1. Megan Russell

        Yes, we have a few favorites! Nate Saint was excellent. We just finished Lottie Moon and my son read CT Studd. Oh, and David Livingston was my favorite, along with Any Carmichael!!


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