Homeschool Week 2 Wrap Up


Highlights from week 2:

  • We spent Sunday afternoon at a local state park with friends. We went hiking and splashing in the ice cold water. My little guy learned a very valuable skill, crawdad hunting! 🙂 We enjoyed the time with friends and enjoying God’s creation!
  • The week rolled along covering all the usual subjects. Our read aloud has been about Mary Slessor. That book has caused us to pull out the atlas to find Calabar and to pray for to pray for the country of Nigeria.
  • Miss K had her first week of volleyball practice. To say she is enjoying it would be putting it mildly! I think she has found her “thing.” Time will tell, I am enjoying watching her stretch herself and see the various ways she is growing.
  • My favorite time of day is our bible & read aloud time! It is the first thing we do most often. Our Bible time consists of scripture memory, catechism questions and we just started The Gospel Story Bible. Our current read aloud is Mary Slessor. We usually read a selection or two of poetry during this time too.
  • This year I have been intentional about choosing independent readers for for Miss K. So far she has enjoyed most of the books and is really getting in a reading groove!
  • Miss E is as cute as ever and walking more and more every day.
  • The week ended with a quick trip “home” to visit my folks and take some pictures of a friends sweet new baby. This trip home afforded my son another valuable lesson, frog hunting! We collected a bucketful of frogs only to be released after watching them jump and listening to them croak.



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