Homeschool Week 1 Wrap Up

After a few weeks of my big girl asking to start school we “officially” kicked off school on August 10th. This year sitting across the table I have a third grader and a preschooler staring back at me! backtoschool1

I like to ease into the school year slowly. We generally start with our Bible time which includes the Foundations Fighter verses for scripture memory, catechism questions from A Catechism for Girls and Boys, and currently we are finishing Big Truths for Little Kids and will start The Gospel Story Bible soon. august2015_0046w

Following Bible time is our read aloud time that include poetry and literature. We call this time “morning time” for lack of a better name. The concept of
Morning Time has been such an added blessing to our days. I first came across the concept from the Amongst Lovely Things blog. She recommended listening to Cindy Rollins talk that is on the Circe website titled, The Long Haul: On Morning Time. After listening to that lecture and reading more about morning time I decided it is a must!

Fall is around the corner and you can feel it in the air. This has allowed us to do morning time outside on the deck on a blanket with legos spread near and far.

Our first read aloud was The Hundred Dresses. Such a beautiful book! I have a vivid memory of the poster for that book hanging in my 4th grade classroom but I don’t recall ever reading it. We also enjoyed Homer Price together. Reading Homer Price caused my son to ask for a pet skunk because he has “heard that skunks make a good pet” and of course we feasted on donuts as we enjoyed the last chapter of the book. However, no diamond bracelets were found in our donuts.  We have enjoyed various poetry selections during Morning time. august2015_0042-2w

After we finish up morning time my daughter moves into her independent (meaning not with me and brother) work that includes reading, violin and math (I am handy for math, she isn’t completely independent yet). For her independent readers I used the Sonlight catalog for suggestions and ideas. Week 1 she read Clara and the Bookwagon and Pompeii… Buried Alive. volcano

While she is doing her independent work I work with brother one on one. Currently we are just working on letter identification, basic pen control and preschool math skills. He will also work on the CC memory work once CC begins. I am loving our Usborne books for preschool this year. That’s a whole other post coming soon!usbornewe

As we eased into week one we reviewed All About Spelling Level 2 and Math U See Beta from last year. We jumped into (and are LOVING) First Language Lessons Level 3, IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating, and Song School Latin 2. 


We also did a mini  history lesson on the state of Missouri since Monday August 10th was the 194th birthday of Missouri. We proudly hung a Missouri state flag that was flown at the capital building in Jefferson city.

Week one is in the books and it was a fantastic start to the school year!


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