Lifebooking – August 18th Edition

Over a month has past since I have slowed down long enough to record our comings and goings. As I reflect upon the past six weeks I am reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness. I remember looking at our calendar at the beginning of the summer and wondering how we were going to do it all. I have been really intentional in not putting to much on the calendar but the way a few things fell kept us busy with back to back activities.

Miss K finished up sewing camp with her nanny the first week of July. During this week she created 4 different projects. A mini-tree skirt, a stocking, a pillow and a mitten. I love that she is learning to sew. Her creativity and generosity is unending. Not even a week home from camp and she had a list of things to create for friends. Since that time she has spent many hours on her sewing machine creating tin whistle cases, a baby blanket, and aprons. We even had a sewing party with some friends where we made cases for tin whistles and a couple of head bands. I am thankful that since we homeschool I am able to schedule in time for her to sew and work on her projects. She has a few more aprons to make and we are going to start working on receiving blankets for the pregnancy care center. We are working our way up to making pillowcase dresses to put in our Operations Christmas Child shoe boxes this year and  to send to another local organization.


After sewing camp we took a family vacation with our extended family. We went to a couple of shows and enjoyed spending time with family. Following vacation my kiddos enjoyed vacation Bible school at my mom’s church. I am fairly certain we will be “journeying off the map” until next summer and the new VBS sound track rolls out.


We concluded those three weeks with a first birthday party for Miss E. It is hard to believe she is ONE! We enjoyed celebrating the gift she is with our family and friends.

birthday1 birthday2

After an incredibly busy few weeks our lives have slowed down greatly.  The slow pace has allowed me to read, reflect and think on what is important and most pressing. As a CC director I am prepped and ready for the CC year to begin. Here at home we already have one week of school under our belt, which I plan to write about soon.  I feel like this is the calm before the crazy that I know is just around the corner.

Moments to remember

Miss K – Her eagerness to tackle the school day and the work ethic she is applying has been so encouraging. She has risen to the challenge and is embracing third grade with a twinkle in her eye and joy in her heart.

Mr. J – He is so ready for “school” and is super stoked about his Super Mario Bros back  pack. Little man LOVED VBS and wanted it to last (in true Mr. J fashion) FOR-EV-ER!

Miss E – This sweet girl is getting super big and almost a full time walker. She is my water baby and has enjoyed spending time this month in the swimming pool. If we can’t quickly locate her in the house we know she must be headed for (or splashing in) the dog water.



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