Lifebooking – July 2nd edition

It is hard for me to grasp the reality that it is July. What that means is in a matter of days my youngest turns one and in a matter of weeks we will begin 3rd grade and preschool with the older two. I have always heard time flies as an adult but seriously, this is nuts!june2015_034

We have been enjoying the rhythm of a few slow weeks after a very busy first week of June. The first week of June included Classical Conversations practicum, camps for the kids and training for me! Miss K loved geo draw, Mr. J loved play camp and Miss E did great in the nursery! They attended 3 days and then stayed home while I attended another 3 days elsewhere for another training.practicum1

Since practicum we have enjoyed slower days and a few nights at the ball field cheering on our favorite softball and t-ball players. I haven’t been a “sports” mom for about 4 years, I have enjoyed seeing my kids on the field having a great time. I think everyone needs a little t-ball in their life to bring down their blood pressure and remind us that truly it is the simple things in life that make the biggest difference.  You know, the important things: playing in the dirt, high fives from friends, swinging for center-field because you can, running the bases full tilt with your head thrown back enjoying the breeze,  and jumping on home plate with your arms raised in victory because you made it safely home! T-ball has been a reminder to me that I need to get my hands dirty by actively engaging in my life, to be willing to encourage my friends to keep on keeping on, to live with gusto for the glory of God, and run my race well as it has been laid out before me so that I can cross the finish line victoriously because of what Christ has done on my behalf. I ❤ T-Ball!tball

In typical midwest fashion the past few weeks have been HOT. We have attempted to stay cool by spending a little time in the water hose, baby pool and the local aquatic center. Miss K enjoyed the zero entry at the pool while the big two enjoyed the slides and other amenities at the pool.10419972_640961866888_3266763544632882537_n

The past few weeks have afforded me the opportunity to have different combinations of children with me because one or two of them have been at Nanny & Papa’s house. It has been a lot of fun to spend one on one time with the baby of the family because that rarely happens when you are #3. Also Mr. J has been able to be the “oldest” since Miss K has been at Nanny & Papa’s house all week going to sewing camp with Nanny. Siblings are a funny thing.  Before Miss K left she was a little sad because she thought she may miss her brother and would for sure miss her sister and daily Mr. J has asked to go back to Nanny’s house and get sissy. He even wanted to save her some cookies the other night and I hear she has been eating kids meals and saving the toys for him. Being an only child there are many days I do not feel cut out to raise brothers and sisters. It is hard, there are fights and tears at times but God has reminded me through my sweet children that relationships are not easy, but worth it. I have been so thankful for the glimpses God has given me of the love my kiddos have for one another.

Miss K loves to create things. We often joke everywhere she goes she  leaves a sparkle and a trail of tiny scraps of paper behind. This week she has attended sewing camp with my mom. She has made a mini tree skirt, a mitten to hang on the tree, and an embroidered stocking. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this passion to create and make in her life for His glory.sewcamp

I cleaned out the curriculum cabinet yesterday and put away second and replaced it with third grade curriculum. I am looking forward to spending some time over the course of July to fully prepare for the upcoming school year.

I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings but am so very thankful to experience today.

Moments to remember:

Miss K’s boldness in conquering the big slide at the aquatic center all on her own and her “owning” the responsibility of being the oldest at the pool. I told her I trusted her to make wise decisions as I was keeping up with the younger two and she did a great job of following the pool rules and always checking in with me.

Mr. J’s abundance of energy and zeal for life couple with his sweet, tender heart. I have enjoyed tons of kisses and cuddles from my sweet boy. His favorite things to do is to try and kiss me on the cheek and I turn my head and smooch him on the lips! Giggles ensue.

Miss E’s growing like a weed. Her sweet, always happy disposition has been a balm to my soul. She greets me with a smile and usually a few sweet squeals. She loves for you to stack something and knock it over. She is getting brave and beginning to let go of things when she is standing. Probably my favorite is when you are holding her she cuddles up to you and lays her head on your chest… melts my heart every.single.time!