2015-2016 School Year Brain Dump

I think I have mentioned this before but I am a self-confessed geek. I enjoy learning about various methodologies and curriculums. I love planning for the school year and thinking through what is best for each of my children. It gets me excited to reclaim my education with my children.

I have so many thoughts and ideas spinning around in my head sometimes I have to dump them all out and begin sorting through them to see what stays, what goes, and what still needs to be done.

What I know think we are using for third grade:


Read Aloud Selections

Independent Readers

Reading The Classics


All About Spelling Level 3


All Things Fun & Fascinating


First Language Lessons Level 3

CC English Grammar Memory Work


A Reason For Handwriting



Math U See

Math Mammoth


Usborne & Living Books based on CC Memory Work

Science Experiments @ CC


Classical Conversations Timeline Cards

Usborne Ancient History

Living Books


CC Maps & Memory Work


Song School Latin Book #2


Gospel Story Bible

Catechism & Scripture Memory


Violin & Piano Lessons

Fine Arts @ CC

Living Books



The place I am now is figuring out how to make the pieces fit all together and make it work for us. I am certain we will do Bible, reading and math daily and most other things will be on a loop schedule. This spring we had a “morning time” routine that included Bible, poetry and read alouds. I know that is something else I want to include too.

A few great planning resources I am using or considering this school year:

This simple yet effective method of planning/record keeping rocked our world: http://amongstlovelythings.com/spiral-notebooks/

Loop Scheduling: http://edsnapshots.com/loop-scheduling/ and https://amongstlovelythings.leadpages.net/loop-schedule-webinar/

Morning Time: https://www.circeinstitute.org/audio (The Long Haul: On Morning Time by Cindy Rollins)

The biggest thing on the planning agenda is to create a read aloud/independent reading schedule. Thanks to the Read Aloud Revival this has become a priority in our home. I am using a few various resources to piece together our reading schedule.

Half-a-Hundered Acre Wood is a gold mine for any CC Family, she has two book lists that correlate with Cycle 1 that I am looking at http://www.halfahundredacrewood.com/2015/03/classical-conversations-cycle-1-booklist.html and http://www.halfahundredacrewood.com/2015/04/cc-cycle-1-reading-plan-for-lit-lovers.html

The Classical Conversations Catalog, specifically the challenge books as read alouds. http://www.stallionpublishers.com/publication.aspx?pid=1519&pkey=jxnnimltn

The Sonlight Catalog, Core B & C for suggested literature reads and independent readers. http://www.sonlight.com/BC1R5.html and http://www.sonlight.com/CC2R5.html

One other big project to tackle it how exactly to keep track of where we are headed. I know some people plan weeks in advance. I don’t think I can do that but I think I could sit down and create a document with every lesson and book  we “need” to accomplish and use that as my guide.

When I consider the task of home educating my children I am humbled and thankful. I am reminded that I cannot do this in and of my own strength and that God is ultimately in charge of their education. I need to rest in that truth. I am thankful that God has chosen me, a weak, sinful woman to pour my life out into these little souls. I am looking forward pursing the Lord along side my kiddos this upcoming school year in this journey of homeschooling.


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