Growing Deeper

Have you ever had that longing, that unsettled feeling in the bottom of your belly that screams to you that there is more to life. The desire and yearning to grow, to be changed, to be different.  You know you have been called to more but you feel like that more you have been called to is unattainable. This is where I have been. Honestly, it is where I have been for a long time. Chasing babies, cleaning house, homeschooling, working, and general staying busy has kept me from the “one thing necessary”. Over the past few months God has awakened a desire in me to grow in wisdom and knowledge of His word. To walk in a deeper relationship with Him. Truthfully, I have fought it. Not because I don’t desire to walk with Him but because I know it takes much of me. It takes discipline to open the word and sit under it. It takes slowing down and sitting at the feet of Jesus through spending time in God’s word.deeper

I always have good intentions. At the start of the year I was reading through the Bible along with a biblical theology book. I was doing that with the Mr. and Miss K but that was derailed due to life circumstances and instead of pressing forward I stopped all together. It was easier to stop than to keep going.

So that brings me to today. Desiring, longing even for change that can only occur through the life changing word of God.

Choosing where to start when considering the whole of the Bible is overwhelming. When one doesn’t know where to start they often turn to the beginning. However I unsuccessfully try that every year. So instead I am going to start in the Book of Romans and ask God to deepen my understanding of the power of the gospel in my life and those around me. I am looking forward to using this blog as a platform to grow deeper with the Lord.


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