Light out of Darkness

Like most people I love a good story. There is something a story does deep in our soul that nothing else can touch. Homeschooling has given me the opportunity to reclaim my education as I am educating my children. I am attempting to catch up on all the great literature, especially children’s literature, that I did not read as a child. I recently finished The Wing Feather Saga by Andrew Peterson. While not a classic, this beautifully written series stopped me in my tracks on a number of occasions due to the deep truth that was conveyed. This is one quote in particular caused me to marvel about the goodness of God and stand in awe of His plan to send a light into a dark world.

Artham is speaking to the dragons, who are one of the oldest created beings,

“Of all creatures, you should know that the darkness is seldom complete, and even when it is, the pinprick of light is not long in coming — and finer for the great shroud that surrounds it.”

North! Or Be Eaten, page 311

What hope this should bring to those who have trusted in Christ. I know it can often feel like the darkness or worldliness have overcome but there is always a pinprick of light and it truly is finer, brighter because of the shroud around it. 


Have you ever been in a room that is completely dark but yet there is one stream of light you just cannot keep out? That stream of light illuminates the rest of the room, just like the Light of the World who will bring the darkness to light.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the
light of life.”

– John 8:12


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